How to Improve the Employability of Higher Education Graduates

This paper focuses on the employability of higher education graduates in the private sector. 

One of the main purposes of a post-secondary education system is to prepare graduates for the labor market, or to enable individuals to earn sustainable livelihoods through self-employment or through the establishment of a company or cooperative. Everyone should be able to make a living for themselves and to contribute skills to a developing economy.

It is widely accepted that an increase in the production of graduates from higher education will benefit African countries and will contribute to higher economic growth and employment in the continent. In spite of this, enrolments in tertiary education are still low. As a consequence, there is a lack of graduates in certain professions, which is made even worse by the brain drain. Furthermore and paradoxically, most African countries record high unemployment rates among young graduates. 

The present situation of rapidly increasing enrolment in higher education without improving employability is to be addressed urgently. In order to avoid increased unemployment among young graduates, more focus should be placed on quality and labor market needs.