Remote Education Benchmarking Toolkit: Basic Education

Because the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the emergency response systems of many governments in Africa, particularly in the education and training sector, including in basic education, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) designed a pilot remote education bench-marking toolkit (REBTK) for the basic education, TVET and university sectors in Africa that would serve to guide policy decision-makers towards more crisis responsive, resilient pathways in the event of future crises. The draft REBTK focused on basic education was piloted during 2022 in two African countries: Botswana and South Africa and the process involved surveying and interviewing various basic education stakeholders including teachers, district officials, and national officials. The REBTK was revised accordingly and was presented at various official forums in Botswana and South Africa as well as at the ADEA Triennale 2022 held in Mauritius in October 2022.