ADEA participates in the Second EFA Big Push Conference on the Implementation of the EFA Acceleration Plan in Volunteer African Countries in Luanda, Angola.

From 18 – 22 October, the Second EFA Big Push Conference on the Implementation of the EFA Acceleration Plan in Volunteer African Countries was held in Luanda, Angola. ADEA was represented at this conference by Mr. Mohamed Chérif Diarra, Coordinator of the ADEA Working Group on Education Management and Policy Support (WG EMPS).  The conference mainly assessed the progress made by a first wave of eight countries in the implementation of their EFA acceleration plan.


A shared understanding of a common African position about the post 2015 education development agenda on the continent was arrived at. Following the induction of a second wave of eight countries, simulation exercises were conducted and internalized for this second wave that is better equipped to use the tool to advance the implementation of their acceleration plans. Bottlenecks were identified and analysed to ensure smooth implementation of the countries’ acceleration plans. Participants at the Big Push conference were also better informed about the EFA global trends and issues as well as the global post 2015 education development agenda.

The conference recommended the strengthening of the coordination and follow up mechanisms especially at the national level. Participants also called for the mobilization of domestic financial resources, and the involvement of civil society, the private sector and other important constituencies at all levels (continental, regional and national) in the process. The conference also resolved that an improved internal and external communication and a better flow of information at all levels should be a must for all the concerned parties.  


As 2015 approaches, it has become crucial for ADEA and its partners to intensify their support to countries that are accelerating efforts to achieve the selected EFA goals. Evaluation of EFA achievements since the Dakar 2000 World Forum and especially the preparation of the education development agenda beyond 2015 are also fundamental. It is in this context that at global level, the EFA Convening Agencies agreed to improve coordination mechanisms at all levels. In order to fast track the implementation of EFA indicators, the Big Push initiative was launched in March 2013 in Dakar. Eight African countries voluntarily accepted to embark on it and to be piloted. The first Big Push workshop started with countries that identified one to three EFA goals to fast track, at their own pace and rhythm, their implementation between now and 2015 with the support of UNESCO and other partners including ADEA.