Africa Learning Together - Addressing the Integrity Issues in Education Data in Africa


Access to quality education data remains a concern for many decision-makers and actors in the education sector. Initiatives to address this initiative is not in short supply. But how can we learn from the exploits of those who have walked the path of improving data quality at all education levels. Used effectively and efficiently, digitization can provide a solution by supporting the generation of data and evidence to inform decision-making. This is precisely what EduTams is doing in Ogun State, Nigeria.

In this podcast recorded with EduTams founder Dr. Ademola Adenubi, we assessed how digitization of the education process is yielding reliable, high quality that supports decision-making in education in the state. He shares a range of issue including managing stakeholder bias, digitization process and capacity building of state bureaucrats to adopt and implement the system. Listen to this podcast to find out more.