WGECD attends meetings of the Consultative Group on ECD

July 21-25, 2014, ADEA's Working Group on Early Childhood Development (WGECD) took part in the meetings of the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development (CG), in Leiden, in the Netherlands. The event, organized and hosted by Issa/International Step by Step Association, was concerned with children’s rights and had the following objectives:

-     Strengthen the development of regional networks by establishing initiatives to develop communities of practice for the promotion of South-South learning;

-     Build the institutional capacities of regional networks through the sharing of experience, learning and collaboration;

-     Form regional and global partnerships and mobilize resources for the implementation of joint advocacy, knowledge production and capacity building activities;

-     Identify the key issues to be addressed in the next strategic planning exercise of the Consultative Group, with the aim of developing regional networks.

CG (www.ecdgroup.com) is a global inter-agency consortium made up of dedicated partner agencies and institutions and experts involved in ECD. The Group, which was created in 1984 has become a respected worldwide network and has formed strong ties with regional networks.

The Group’s mission is to improve policy and practice concerning early childhood, with emphasis on disadvantaged children. It pursues this mission through:

  • the promotion of dialogue among generalists, decision-makers, the research community, and national and international agencies;
  • analysis, synthesis and dissemination of knowledge.

CG is a  member of the ADEA WGECD Steering Committee. WGECD regularly takes part in the Group’s annual consultations and board meetings, which are key moments for sharing knowledge, engaging in advocacy, and building partnerships and alliances.

For further information, contact Rokhaya Diawara, Coordinator, WGECD, r.diawara@unesco.org