Learning assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa

Credit: GPE

The KIX Observatory has published its latest report "Learning assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa. This report contributes to the KIX Observatory’s efforts to gather emerging evidence on education policy and practice responses to COVID-19 in Africa. The KIX Observatory facilitates peer learning and informs decision-makers from 40 African partner countries of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

This latest report synthesizes learning assessment and examination practices in 40 GPE countries in SSA during the COVID-19 crisis. During school closures, GPE countries tried to monitor the learning of students using a variety of approaches ranging from homework assignments and call-ins by learners to study packages and interactive Q&A through mobile phone-based short messaging services. However, they did so in a limited manner. Countries also made various adjustments to the scheduling of high-stakes national exams. While a vast majority of countries postponed and rescheduled exams, some of them administered exams as scheduled or cancelled them. Lastly, upon the reopening of school countries tried to put in place some measures to assess and mitigate learning loss . The policy and practice responses among GPE countries were noted in three inter-related areas: assessment practices and delivery, high-stakes national examinations, and learning loss assessment.

The report provides different strategies adopted by countries to monitor and assess learning. It also provides emerging research evidence and recommendations on the topic. Key recommendations include: development of guidelines on how to monitor student learning during periods of prolonged school closure; building the capacity of teachers and schools on using distance learning solutions for the assessment of learning; increase parental capacity to support home learning for children during prolonged school closures, and continue to monitor learning loss and the impact of the pandemic on learning outcomes.  

Find the detailed report here.

For more information on the KIX Observatory and how this platform contributes to global efforts to measure and respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on education, putting country experiences and research to use, visit their website.

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Source: GPEKIX