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Photo Credit: ADEA COMED

Increased awareness of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa 2016-2025 (CESA 16-25), Science Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA 2024), and the UNESCO Strategy for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) (2016-2021)

The African Union Commission’s Department of Human Resources Science and Technology (AUC-HRST) – Education Division and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa’s Working Groups on Communication for Education and Development (ADEA WG-COMED) and Education Management and Policy Support (ADEA WG-EMPS)

About the Award

This award is in the form of a competition that is open only to innovation hubs and youth councils in Africa. 

The competition will require applicants to submit proposals on how best to create awareness about the technical aspects of the following strategies: CESA, STISA and TVET . 

Selected applicants will then implement their projects continent wide and the most effective campaign based on a pre-determined scale will receive a prize.

The objectives are to: 

  • Increase awareness of CESA 16-25, STISA 2024, TVET Strategy and other related frameworks for Africa; 
  • Build a new audience for ADEA and AUC activities.

What does this project intend to do?

  1. Develop a journalist initiative (including citizen journalism and social media) involving youth councils, citizen journalists, innovation hubs, to create campaigns to publicise CESA, STISA and the Continental TVET Strategy. 
  2. The project will make an initial call for proposals to develop campaigns and receive seed money . 
  3. The best ten submissions will then receive seed money of US$500 each with which to kick start their campaigns. 
  4. The campaign which gains the most traction will receive a substantial prize and an opportunity for mentorship through ADEA and AUC. 
  5. The project start date is September 2017 while the end date is November 2017. Each individual campaign should run for at least three months. 
  6. The criteria on which the best campaign will be determined will be outlined by a panel composed of ADEA and AUC representatives. Critical factors to include in the determination are number of people reached and engaged. 
  7. A detailed way forward in the form of a road map or revised existing plan will be developed.
  8. The final two winners will receive a cash prizes split on a weighted basis but amounting to a total of US$10,000. A total of 10 campaigns are expected to be selected to receive seed money via bank transfer.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Are you based in Africa?
  • Do you actively work in the education and training sector and can you demonstrate the success of your entrepreneurial approach to education?
  • Do you have an innovative and inspiring education and training programme you are currently involved in?
  • Do you or the organization you work for have a large network of young people? 
  • Can you show that your project has had a positive impact on young people and your community?
  • Are you or your organization familiar with these Frameworks ? (have you ever participate in one of those frameworks, workshops or activities?) 

If you answered «yes» to these questions you or your organization could be in with a chance of winning the awareness creation award about the technical aspects of CESA, STISA and the continental TVET strategy.


Other benefits for winners

  • Enhanced visibility and publicity;
  • Enhanced sponsorship and donation opportunities.

Key Indicators

  • At least 10 (ten) campaigns publicizing CESA, STISA and the Continental TVET Strategy between September and November 2017;
  • A database of citizen journalists, youth councils and innovation hubs. 

Project Scope

  • The project will be run continent wide. The specifics of how this will be done will be determined based on the project proposals submitted.