The Global Education & Skills Forum 2016

12 March 2016 to 13 March 2016
United Arab Emirates

The Global Education & Skills Forum #GESF is the leading multi-stakeholder education event bringing together leaders from the Public, Private and Social sectors together to address how we can deliver on the promise of education, equity and employment for all.

Over the past two decades, as you know, in many countries, education systems have come under increased scrutiny. Many feel they are failing to deliver the quality desperately needed, and have become beholden to special interests – whether those of election-focused politicians, teacher organisations or those of the business sector. In many countries the education system has become a political powder keg, which in turn can hold back much needed reforms and innovation. Yet, 250 million children in school are still unable to read or write, and at current progress, illiteracy rates will remain significantly high until 2070

Equally important, the demand for more and better learning opportunities rises much faster than their supply, and the gap between the skill demands of societies and those currently developed by education systems is becoming wider. Solutions can neither wait nor be resourced within a zero-growth resource environment.

The theme of GESF 2016 asks how we can make education everybody’s business, to reconcile relevance, excellence and inclusiveness of both public and private learning environments through collective responsibility by politicians, business leaders, the teaching profession and the media...

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