2nd ADEA High-Level Policy Dialogue Forum

23 November 2021
12:00 PM GMT

During 2021, ADEA is running a High-Level Policy Dialogue Forum on “Rethinking the role of Skills Development in future work and lifelong learning, in light of digitalization and the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)”. The Dialogue Forum is composed of three consecutive fora, with each devoted to a specific sub-sector or domain: technical and vocational skills development (TVSD) in July, foundational learning in basic education in November, and higher education in February 2022.

As the premier forum for policy dialogue on education in Africa, ADEA brings together Ministers, Members of Parliament and senior government officials; representatives from the African Union and its Regional Economic Communities; technical and financial partners; international, regional and national civil society organisations; representatives from the private sector, and teacher unions; entrepreneurs, and international and regional experts and members of ADEA’s Inter-Country Quality Notes (ICQNs) to contribute to the debates and implementation of the outcomes of the forum. Through the Policy Dialogue Forum, ADEA is fostering continental, regional, and cross-country interactions in support of peer learning and knowledge exchange.

The overall objective of the 2021 High-Level Policy Dialogue Forum is to share knowledge and experience around practical and innovative solutions to address the skills gaps and the critical challenge of reforming the delivery of education in Africa. To be held on 23rd November 2021, the 2nd High-Level Policy Dialogue Forum on “Elevating foundational learning as a pathway to skills development and lifelong learning through digitalization” will:

  • Share knowledge, experience, good practice, and lessons to inform policies and programmes on foundational learning.
  • Foster partnerships among key stakeholders to advance the design and delivery of policy and strategy in support of foundational learning.
  • Advance practical steps to move from research and studies to implementation of policies, strategies, priorities, and evidence-based practices on foundational learning at country level.

We invite you to mark the date of 23rd November 2021 in your calendar in order not to miss out on this important event.

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