ERASMUS+ call for applications

Universities in Africa may participate in 4 actions:

  • Credit mobility in higher education (short term exchanges of staff and students)
  • Joint Master degree programmes (universities may be partners in the joint degrees) and scholarships for the joint degrees (students from Africa apply directly to the consortia offering the programmes)
  • Capacity building in higher education (universities in Africa may apply for funding for developing new programmes and  measures within institutions and HE systems). Ministries and bodies in charge of higher education (councils for education, QA agencies etc) can participate in this action.
  • Jean Monnet actions (teaching activities in European study related areas)

Deadlines vary and are in February/March for activities starting in September 2016. Please consult the information on the budgets available for the various regions as this will give you an idea of the number of projects/partnerships that can be funded. For the purposes of the programming, universities in Northern Africa are considered as "region 3", South Africa is "region 10" and sub-Sahara Africa is "region 11". All regions are eligible as of this year. Modalities are the same for the three regions. Budgets are specific for each region however and in the case of capacity building, the priority areas are slightly different.

The website is here:

Attached you will find a short leaflet giving an overview that we have prepared for universities in Sub-Sahara Africa who can now participate fully. It is in fact applicable for all regions in Africa so I recommend that everyone reads it for a quick overview. It will help you to navigate through the programme guide and the website afterwards.