Call from the WGCOMED Coordinator

The ADEA Working Group on Communication for Education and Development (WG COMED) has a number of activities that are currently in progress as per the workplan and budget for 2017. Among these are the organization of capacity building activities for journalists, preparing, consolidating and disseminating information materials in the areas of assessment, planning and implementation of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, CESA 16-26, STISA 2024, the African Union’s TVET Strategy and other related frameworks for Africa which includes integrating all these aspects in the ongoing revision of the training Toolkit for African journalists.

The Working Group is also Collaborating with the African Union’s Human Resources, Science and Technology Department to animate monthly on-line debates and discussions on the different themes linked to the discussions on the recently concluded Triennale themes and the new global and African Education for Development Agendas in collaboration with other agencies and partners.

WG COMED is also developing tools, strategies and a database for the exchange and distribution of news and information on ICT integration, higher education EMIS, peace education and literacy and lifelong learning among ADEA’s constituencies and beyond.

With the objective in mind of reorganizing the database of journalists, and communication officers interested in education and development issues, please update your data by filling in this form, to facilitate exchanges and to participate in future activities.