Call for Applications: Expert Study on Preparedness for the Vocationalisation of Secondary Education

The deadline for submission of applications (Technical and Financial proposals) is Thursday 30th June 2022 at midnight (12:00 AM) GMT to the following address: The subject of the email should be: “Expert Study on Preparedness for the Vocationalisation of Secondary Education”


Secondary Education has become more closely and explicitly related to preparing young people for the world of work. Therefore, there is a dire need to reconsider the epistemology of vocational education with a view to bridge the gap between academic and vocational streams. The starting point being to design a curriculum framework that joins in general education with vocational education, thus providing learners with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills which will ensure a smooth transition from secondary education to the world of work and lifelong learning opportunities. This study will therefore help in reformulating the secondary education curriculum that provides learners with knowledge and skills to feed the labour market needs with reference to Africa. The study will also be a cutting-edge contribution to addressing the gap that is viewed as the lax on the part of secondary education providers in Africa to design and implement a vocationalised curriculum that provides knowledge and skills young people need for the world of work. This concept builds upon the various insights that have been provided by various researchers in general education to bridge the gap between academic and vocational streams.

The number of students attending secondary schools in Africa escalates yearly and not all of them make it to tertiary education. In most African countries, young Africans who finish secondary school are often poorly skilled and to some extent without the requisite skills, knowledge and competencies needed by the African employment markets. Therefore, there is a need for vocationalisation of secondary education to provide learners with basic knowledge and skills that they will need for the world of work. Lack of employment-related skills and competencies makes our youth not to be in a position to compete in the global labour markets. The need for vocationalisation of secondary education is underscored by Akram (2012) who stated that education could only become the foundation stone of a sustainable society only if it succeeds in imparting necessary life skills. The study will therefore be intended to identify salient factors that secondary education providers in Africa can apply in leveraging on vocationalised secondary education so that learners can gain a competitive edge in the global labour market. The study findings will inform the discussion in the upcoming ADEA 2022 Triennale, but also inform the workplan of ICQN on SE.

The results of the consultants' work will be presented and validated at a workshop in September 2022 by experts, country representatives, technical and financial partners and ADEA representatives under the auspices of the Botswana Ministry of Basic Education. 


The study will use data collected from public schools at regional and national levels in six   African countries namely: Botswana, Lesotho, Uganda, Mauritius, Kenya and Tunisia.

The Study seeks to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Examine the readiness and extent to which vocationalisation can and has been implemented in secondary education in Africa (with a focus on issues of availability of funds, curriculum reform, trained teachers and infrastructure).
  2. To determine the extent of access to public secondary education schools offering vocational subjects in Africa
  3. Understanding the challenges/constraints towards the implementation of vocationalization of secondary education in Africa.
  4. Propose clear actionable steps to enhance or boost the vocationalization of secondary education in the selected 6 countries. 


  1. Inception Report. 
  2. Draft comprehensive report that includes:
    • Baseline information and synthesis on the current context and level of capacity of African Education Ministries to vocationalise Secondary Education in public schools of each of the selected countries;
    • Analysis and assessment of the practices (moving from policy/strategy to implementation);
    • Cross-border collaborations/partnership to promote vocational subjects at secondary level;
    • Recommendations on innovative solutions, lessons learnt and gaps both in policy and practices in addressing the link between secondary education and unemployment issues.
  3. Final study report.


  • Master's Degree/PhD in Education, or related relevant fields
  • A senior education expert with knowledge and general professional experience of at least 10 years working with developing Education/ Secondary Education systems in various countries and settings, working with different stakeholders in the wider education sector.
  • Proven sound knowledge of vocational subjects, training, and innovation issues within African continent

Soft and language skills

  • Ability to deal with policy makers and senior officials;
  • Demonstrated ability to synthesize issues and Strategic documents development
  • Ability to work independently, as well as part of a team;
  • Strong problem-solving skills and a “can do” attitude;
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English and working knowledge of French;
  • Experience working in education systems in one of the targeted countries stated above is an added advantage. Experience in working with governments, continental/ international development agencies, private sector or conducting analysis on education at secondary level.


The ADEA Secretariat will determine the precise work schedule with the selected consultants. The whole process will run from early July to mid-September 2022.


Applications (Technical and Financial proposals) should be sent to the following address: no later than Thursday 30th June 2022 at midnight (12:00 AM) GMT. The subject of the email should be “Expert Study on Preparedness for the Vocationalisation of Secondary Education”.

Due to the high volume of applications, only selected candidates will be contacted by formal correspondence via email. Candidates are strongly advised not to contact ADEA or staff members to inquire about the status of their application. 


Based Africa. Remote working possible.