Stakeholders validate findings of Country Priority Needs Assessment study in Ghana and Kenya

On the 8th and 16th of April, education country stakeholders validated the study findings of the Country Priority Needs Assessment for Capacity Development (CPNA-CD) conducted in Kenya and Ghana. The sessions allowed the stakeholders to appreciate the study results and to provide feedback that enriched the quality of the reports.

The CPNA-CD studies entailed rapid reviews of system-level country capacity development needs and ongoing interventions at pre-tertiary education levels. ADEA undertook the initiative in three countries – Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda. The study investigated the stakeholder engagement, situational assessment, policy and strategy formulation, budgeting and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

The studies found that while capacity development efforts exist, they lack a coordinated approach across central, regional, and decentralized levels. This leads to uneven distribution of resources and support for leaders and educators. Respondents advocated for equipping education leaders at all levels with skills for data production and utilization, tailored mentoring and coaching for leaders and integration of ICT into work processes.