ICQN Seminar on National Qualifications Frameworks - Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

A seminar of the Inter-Country Quality Node on Technical and Vocational Skills Development (ICQN/TVSD) on the subject of national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) took place in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire from July 8-9, 2013. Forty-seven professionals from training and employment ministries from 13 African countries and experts from ADEA attended the seminar. In his opening address, the Cote D’Ivoire Minister of State and Minister of Employment, Social Affairs and Vocational Training, Mr. Moussa Dosso emphasized the importance of the seminar’s theme which has a direct bearing on the development of the technical and vocational skills needed for Africa’s socio-economic development. The ICQN/TVSD Coordinator in Cote D’Ivoire, Mr. Amara Camara Kamate, spoke about the coming into existence of the ICQN stressing the key role played by the Minister of State. Minister Dosso, for his part, stressed the need to step up the development of NFQs in order to bring about the integration of informal and non-formal schemes within the TVSD system. The seminar took stock of progress realized with the establishment of national qualification systems or frameworks. It also highlighted the ways in which NFQs help to restructure systems. The seminar assessed the extent to which TVSD qualification systems feature into NFQs. It also identified the main difficulties encountered in the development of NFQs and addressed issues that stemmed out of the establishment of NFQs. Participants appreciated the way the seminar provided a real opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of NFQ. They were able to highlight overlooked areas such as the informal and non-formal system, and the different countries approaches to the recognition and accreditation of skills acquired in the workplace. The seminar helped to clarify procedures for the implementation of NFQs, and especially the complexity of NFQ development where several ministries participate. Participants supported the idea of anticipating the need to develop sub-regional frameworks and advocated for the development and dissemination of a methodological guide on NFQ definition, concepts and models, with the help of ADEA. They also called for the strengthening of partnerships through study tours to promote wider inter-country cooperation, and for the mobilization of the constant support and expertise of ADEA and other institutions at the regional level to support the development process. Mr. Hamidou Boukary of the ADEA Secretariat thanked the Cote D’Ivoire Government for organizing the seminar and for the efforts it had made to ensure its success. He highlighted the progress made since the ADEA Triennial, which has placed qualifications for technical and vocational skills at the heart of training and lifelong learning reforms.