GESCI expands Leadership in ICT and Knowledge Society course to Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco and Senegal

The Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI), in partnership with the African Union Commission and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is running the first francophone session of the African Leadership in ICT and Knowledge Society course, from April to December 2015.

This high level professional development course designed for mid-to-senior ranking ministry officials aims at the following: (i) equipping future African leaders with a commanding understanding of the key elements in the development of knowledge societies, with a particular emphasis on new leadership approaches, and new skills for coherent policy development; and (ii) building a critical mass of leaders across Africa with the skills and knowledge to develop and implement policies, in the face of rapid change, that will advance their country and their region’s sustainable socio-economic development.

The hugely successful eight month professional development course, now boasting 449 alumni from the mid-to-senior ranks of government ministries across 13 Eastern and Southern African countries and Ghana, is now being extended to francophone African countries.

The Francophone version of the course, which will start in April 2015, will be provided to mid-to-senior ranking ministry officials from Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco and Senegal.

GESCI involved ADEA to adapt the initial ALICT program – initially developed for Anglophone countries – to Francophone countries.  A situational analysis was conducted relating to the development of Knowledge Societies – with the main pillars in education, ICT, and technology and innovation – from which recommendations were formulated for the francophone program. 

Registration is scheduled to start on February the 9th, 2015.
To register, use the following internet link: 

For additional information, contact M K Senthil Kumar at or Tarek Chehidi at , or visit GESCI’s website at