AU African Youth Charter

Referring to the rights, freedoms and duties of the African youth, the African Youth Charter is the first legal framework provided to Africa, by the relevant actors in the youth area, to support national policies, programmes and actions in favor of youth development. The document was adopted by Heads of States and Governments, and recommended for ratification and implementation.

The African Youth Charter has a clear role:

  • It facilitates the institutionalization of Youth participation in political debates, decision making and development processes at national, regional and continental levels; on a regular and legal basis; for positive and constructive contribution;
  • It contributes to the strengthening of the capacity building programmes for young leaders in Africa;
  • It opens the possibility of dialogue and more opportunity for exchange on youth development issues and facilitates relevant actions for improvement through education, training and skills development.

The Charter addresses, among others, the following areas for major and concrete actions for change:

  • Education, skills and competence development;
  • Employment and sustainable livelihoods;
  • Youth leadership and participatio;
  • Health and welfare;
  • Peace and security;
  • Environment protection;
  • Cultural and moral values.