Celebration of the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day in Mozambique

1 September 2016 to 8 September 2016

The International Literacy Day (ILD) 2016, 8 September, will be marked by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of ILD worldwide with the theme: “Reading the past, writing the future”. With aim to celebrate the date in Mozambique, UNESCO Maputo in coordination with Ministry of Education and Human Development are organizing events to strengthen the advocacy and to disseminate the achievements of the Literacy and Adult Education Programmes in Mozambique since the national independence.

The events include:

  • Event 1: 1-day of Reflection meeting on 40th years of literacy in Mozambique (launch of the ILD)

This meeting will be focused on key achievements, challenges of literacy during 40th years. It will be held in Maputo City (Escola Secundária das Mahotas), on 1st September 2016 involving about 250 people and among others the Minister of Education and Human Development, members of the central government, the UNESCO Representative to Mozambique, Senior Staff from the Ministry of Education and Human Development at central, provincial, literacy teachers, learners, community leaders, diplomatic body, Civil Society and UN agencies representatives. The event will count with participation of former national directors of literacy, former Minister of Education and researchers and will be facilitate by a senior journalist.

  • Event 2: National Central ceremony to celebrate the ILD in Mozambique

The The Manhiça district, situated in Maputo Province was selected by Ministry of Education to hold the central ceremony in Mozambique. This ceremony aim to emphasize the importance of the Literacy to individuals and communities and sensitize all stakeholders to actively participate in the Literacy Programs.

  • Event 3: Seminar on the girls and women education.

In the context of implementation of the Project funded by Malala Fund a seminar will be organized in 3 selected districts (Eráti, Memba and Boane) involving communities, adolescent girls and beneficiaries from Malala. The seminar will focus on the importance of girls and women education.

Additionally, UNESCO will produce the brochure and the video documentary with aim to strengthen the advocacy on literacy and adult education in Mozambique.