Tribute to Cyril Dalais

The passing away of Cyril Dalais last Thursday (November 13) was one of the saddest events to hit the ADEA family in recent years. What made it more painful was that it happened on the morning when he was going to join a meeting that would make decisions on the structuring of ADEA’s Inter-Country Quality Node on Early Childhood Development. This is a new collaborative platform that would further entrench Early Childhood Development in Africa’s policies and programs. It will also create a community of practice led and coordinated by African countries under the leadership of the Republic of Mauritius, his beloved country. 

Cyril was a man of great compassion, patience, creativity and passion, and a contagious one at that, for children all over the world. His work ethic and optimism for progress in African education cannot be questioned. As a senior officer at UNICEF, he served children across the world. After his retirement, he devoted most of his time to the cause of the African child, becoming one of the most active and eloquent Early Childhood Development proponents on the African continent. Those of us who were lucky to have worked and collaborated with him will always remember the consummate professional and advocate he was. 

We at ADEA have benefitted from his talent and generosity in pushing the Early Childhood Development agenda on the African continent through the ADEA Working Group on Early Childhood Development. As we join the family, and other colleagues and friends in Africa and elsewhere to mourn Cyril, we also celebrate his life for the many achievements he had accomplished. All friends and colleagues will sorely miss him. He passed on doing what he always loved; very few men and women would have the same privilege. 

We express our condolences to the family on behalf of all the ADEA family.

Adieu cher ami.