ADEA Strategic Plan 2018-2022 (Public version) : Our common voice, our common success

ADEA will contribute to empowering African countries to develop education and training systems that respond to their emergent needs and drive Africa’s sustainable socioeconomic transformation, driven by two continental- and country-based strategic pillars aligned to CESA 16-25 and SDG4: 

  1. Continental Education Platform:
    • ICQN network fostering collaboration and coordination across stakeholders and national borders.
    • Serving as a pan-African knowledge hub for peer-to-peer learning.
    • Elevating the voice of Africa on education priorities at regional, continental and global levels
  2. Advisory and Execution Support Services:
    • Serving the needs of African Governments to deliver inclusive relevant and equitable quality education by providing Advisory and Execution Support Services.
    • Delivering a complete package of services to countries, including the diagnosis of country level needs, implementation and monitoring of policies and programs