International Conference on Education as a driver for Sustainable Development Goals

11 January 2016 to 13 January 2016

The Conference aims to recognize education as a key enabler to the broader realization of SDGs. It is important for ESD communities to look specifically at each goal and determine how education can play an effective role in helping achieve this.

The objective of the conference is to bring together the global experience and expertise of using Education as a way of achieving SDG and showcasing the India experience in doing so. Stakeholders are in the process of consolidating and taking stock of MDGs which were targeted primarily at developing countries, but the proposed SDGs are applicable to the world as a whole. Increasingly the emphasis has moved away from a solely economic view of development to a larger view that included the three pillars of sustainability; environmental, social and economic. With this new emphasis also comes the recognition that policy instruments or technological solutions are not going to be enough and that education is critical to achieving Sustainable Development.

Thus the role of education in its broadest sense including training and capacity building, communication and creating public awareness, scientific research, sharing and access to information and networking; and partnerships becomes a key strategy for achieving the SDGs.